Phone Spy Beta for remotely spying Conversation

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Few days ago i wrote about text monitoring software text Guard for Cell phones..Now Do you want to know how to spy conversation of others..  Today i learned about a new beta software phone spy. This software works on Windows mobile phones. It’s an interesting program for spying other peoples conversation live…!! 🙂 can you believe that!! yes its true.. Best of all it’s free. I didn’t tasted it yet.. (i have no friends to spy). Here is some features described by the phone spy developer.

Spying Phone Conversation

** What is does **

After installing on victim’s phone, you have to send a text message of “chetstriker” to the victim. Then the victim will receive the text message, but wait the funny thing is it will not make a noise. It will then turn off the screen and call your phone back with the speaker phone mode turned on. Now you can hear the victim’s private conversation. that’s sounds crazy.. isn’t it??

** How to install this little software **

1. At first download the beta software from Here: Phone spy(6 KB). Then extract the program. You will get a file named MSTALK.exe

2. Now borrow or get the victim’s phone. And copy MSTALK.exe to \Windows\StartUp directory of the Windows mobile phone. You can Send the program via blutooth and move the file to \Windows\StartUp directory then start the program and restart the device.

3. It will run hidden in the background without even showing up in task manager. Keep in mind that you have to restart the phone after you first copy the file to startup before you can use it.  Also the keyword “chetstriker” is case sensitive, so make sure the first letter is not capitalized.

*** Upcoming Features ***

Currently the developer is adding the following features (Hopefully to be completed by this weekend)

* Remote access of call logs
* Remote access of sms logs
* Disabling or forwarding selected phone numbers (except 911, that would be a little too creepy)
* Removing call logs from program
* Possibly .cab injection application (This will not be in the first official version)

Note: It’s a beta program. I didn’t tasted it yet.. I just wrote about the program. You can’t blame me.. Fore more info and latest updates visit here..

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  1. Salim July 21, 2010 at 6:32 am #

    Is there any software like mstalk available for java phones?? For spying ?

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