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Dealing With Computer Errors Related To Mobile Devices

Do you often receive a file type error when you connect a mobile device to your computer?

Do you require help to troubleshoot these obstinate looking errors?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then this article will be of great help to you.

The following topics are covered in this tutorial:

  • Description of common file types used by mobile devices
  • Steps to resolve file errors related to mobile devices

Description of Common File Types Associated With Popular Mobile Devices

  • .ipd file extension – .ipd files are associated with Blackberry phone devices, which use this file to create data backups on a computer. The .ipd files may store a variety of data, including the details of address book, e-mail messages, and SMS. Continue Reading →
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Update: To fix  (false alarm ) update you kaspersky virus database and it should fix the problem.

This morning i woke up and tried to visit a site and found that my Kaspersky Internet security detecting on that site… My antivirus reported…


I was like wow.. is that real .. Google Adsense URL generates virus warning. I know it was a false virus alarm.. If your Wbsite or blog have google adsense then you may see the warning !! For now disable Google Adsense from you site wait for a fix.. or else your readers might go away.

Most of the publishers use Google Adsense to earn revenue from their site. If you see this trojan warning let the website Owner know about this.  Thousands of websites are effected wow..  Check..  Update your Antivirus to get rid of this problem.  I hope that will fix the problem ..  as they said..

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Woopra real-time Web analysis I am loving it..!

Do you track your website / blog ? Do you know about woopra web analysis ..?? If you don’t know about that you wooprashould try woopra. I used some web analysis scripts to optimize my blog traffic. But always tried to know more details about my site traffic real-time. Few days ago i applied for woopra analysis to try it. They approved my blog and I am loving the way it shows the web analysis. I am loving the features.. I hope you guys will enjoy woopra features too.

1. Real time web traffic with lot of info. It shows visitor counts, reffed website Etc.

2. Click-to-Chat option helps you to chat with your visitor without any software installation. Woopra website said, “This breaks the virtual wall between visitor and webmaster.”

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