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How to Remove Mac Os vmware fusion context menu key

How to Remove Mac OS Vmware fusion context menu key added additional “Open With” Context Menu? After rebuilding my “Open With” context menu in mac, Vmware fusion was adding Open with context item in my office PC. I followed two different instruction to completely remove vmware fusion context menu key
Note: This steps solved my problem. It should not damage your system. But If you follow the steps i am not responsible for any damage.
First Step:
The first tips i got from this link:
Before rebuilding your open with context menu in mac you have to follow the steps below:

1. Launch Vmware Fusion then go to Virtual Machine Library.
2. Then right-click on one of the virtual machine. Then Click on settings. You will find the settings for that Vmware Machine.

Clean Open with menu Vmware Fusion

3. Now Click on Default Application you will see vmware fusion default application option window like the picture below.

remove vmware open with context menu

Remove check mark from Open your Mac files and web links using Windows applications. Then Close the window.

4. Again right click on the vmware machine and click On Show in Finder and right click on the vm image then click on show package contents and go to Application Folder.
Dellete Vm Fusion Apps

Back up in a zip file and And delete All the content inside the Application folder.
5. Repeat this steps for all the Vmware machine you have.
6. Now restart and shutdown all the Virtual Machine.

Second Step :

This tips i got from the link below:

Follow the steps below  :

1. Open the Terminal App from Launchpad > other > Terminal

2. Now copy  and paste the code below:

LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local\
-domain system -domain user

And Hit Enter. Then Wait for the terminal app while rebuilding the open with context menus.
3. Now restart your MAC OS X powered Machine.

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How to get free Apps – Apps to get free Apps

There are some App to get free Apps apps from app store. You can get free iPad apps and get free iPhone apps . I get free apps from app store when there is a special promotion starts. Every day some Apps shows hundreds paid apps that goes free on the App Store. Some apps also shows latest price drops on App store.


Today i am going to add some of the best app to find free apps. We will add and Update the list if we find more useful apps. Also let us about some great Apps using our  Contact Page. We will add in the list.

1. AppGratis : This is one of the best app that provides one free App Everyday. Some Apps like Shift 2 Unleashed ,Rayman, Snapseed, Whatsapp. Rhave gone free in the past.

Free App Daily

You can download the App From here: AppGratis

2. Appsfire (Free): This App is one of the 10 must have apps recommended by – CNET (2013). Also one of the best app that lists great apps that goes free for limited time.


Download the AppsFire from here: AppsFire

3. AppTicker : Here is one of my personal favorite. This app finds hundreds of price drops and free apps on the App Store. Lots of features. You can short the result in different way.
Get Free Apps

Download The App From Here: AppTicker

Have Fun …

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Best free SEO keyword generator Mac & ios device

I was looking for free SEO keyword generator Mac & ios device. I found free keyword research mac software Mac and ios device. Using long tail Keyword to optimize blog is one of the best technique to get free web traffic. Here are the Apps i found:

SEOggestor: This app will help you to optimize a site for search engines. During searching some search engine suggest long tail keywords about relevant search query. This app collects those long tail keyword phrases from search engine like Google, yahoo, Bing and some others. Then it shows you the list. Take a look at the pictures and video:

SEOggestorSEOggestor 2
This free SEO keyword research software is compatible with MAC and IOS Device like iPod, iPhone, iPad device.

Here is a Video Demo for the Keyword researcher for Ipad:

Download Link:

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