Google input tools for typing Bengali or supported language

You can type a word the way it sounds using a keyboard. Google input tools will automatically convert it to Bengali or selected languages. Recently I am using Google input tools for typing documents in my native language Bengali. For example, if I type “ami”, then It would convert to আমি. I am sure that you will enjoy this little tip.

It was never easy to type in my native language without knowing the keyboard layout. Google Input tool made it easy for me. Here is a screenshot of how it converts the language:

I am using this with Windows 10 operating system. It supports Twenty-two different languages.Goggoleclearly added instruction for Windows 7 /Vista and Windows XP. But there is no instruction for installing Google input tools for windows 10. Here are the steps I took to configure Google input tools for windows 10: Continue Reading →

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Http Client server application GET/POST GUI Connection

This tutorial will cover a Http Client server application GET/POST GUI Connection in Java. This is tutorial part two for creating the client side application. The goal of this tutorial is to create a GUI application that connects to web and shows addition of two numbers. Part one of this tutorial where we server side application can be found here: Http Client server application GET/POST . In this tutorial, I am using NetBeans IDE and Glassfish Server. Focus of this application are following:

  • Create user Interface for GUI using netbean
  • Connect Java GUI application that can take input from webserver

Create a new Java application from File > New Project > Java and select Java application. Then click Next and type in Project name. Please unchecked Create main class.

You will see that a new Java application project have been created. Do a right-click on default Package and click on New > JFrame Form. Now provide class name as ClientServerApp and Package name as com.serverapp . Click on finish.

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Case Project 1-1: Selecting a SQL Server 2012 Edition

I hope this note will help you to finish the project. This is for Case Project 1-1: Selecting a SQL Server 2012 Edition. Name of the Book is Introduction to SQL Server 2012 (MCSA Guide to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (exam 70-462))


Current version of SQL server is 2016. But I can see that we are interested in SQL server 2012. I did some research on different editions of SQL server 2012 Editions.

My research led to where I was able to find differences between SQL server 2012 editions. According to my research we should only consider Enterprise or the Business Edition. Here are the differences per Microsoft website:

  • SQl server 2012 Enterprise: Enterprise edition is recommended for business. According to Microsoft msdn this edition is comprehensive, mission-critical in-memory performance with unparalleled security, mission critical high availability, an end-to-end enterprise business intelligence solution. This edition also includes built in mobile BI. It supports unlimited virtualization with software assurance.
  • SQl server 2012 Business: In this edition, there are some limitation in high availability, Scalability and Performance. We will not get all high functionality as Enterprise edition.

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