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Guidelines For Resolving Common Windows PC Problems

Problems with Window’s computers can occur often if you do not take the proper corrective measures. However, with the right guidance, proper maintenance steps and the right software, you can successfully prevent various errors from occurring and enhance your computing experience.

But no matter what preventative measures you take, it is important to know that your computer may still encounter an error every now and then. But there is no need to worry when you encounter an error, as most Windows error can be easily resolved.

In this article we will discuss one of the most common Windows errors – exe errors. We will use what we call the 4-steps approach to troubleshoot exe errors on your own.

Is your PC is infected with a virus?

There is some truth in the statement – “Having a Windows error, restart your computer, if the error persists run a malware scan”. The majority of application errors, such as exe errors are attributed to virus infections.

Viruses are known to corrupt exe files, such as the mspmspsv.exe or trustedinstaller.exe files. An exe issue is reported whenever an attempt is made to run a corrupted exe file. Besides, corrupting legitimate exe files and causing exe errors, viruses are also recorded to plant dubious exe files that have the same names as genuine exe files, such as iexplore.exe to escape detection. The rouge exe process may interfere with other running process and cause random errors.

In a nutshell, the majority of exe errors are caused by virus infections. So, the first thing you need to do when exe errors occur, is to close all running applications, restart Windows in Safe Mode and run a full system antivirus scan and then  promptly remove any infections reported in the virus scan.

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Some Cool features I liked about windows 7

Windows 7 is the most recent version of Microsoft Windows. I attended the Windows 7 Launch Party on 7th November and enjoyed the event (well had some fun). Anyway I was using windows 7 Rc1 and I loved it.  So here are some cool features I liked about windows 7.

Microsoft windows 7

Amazing Windows 7 Taskbar: May be you are thinking what’s new about taskbar?  Windows 7 brought some awesome features and new look for windows taskbar. For that it’s called as Superbar.Here are some changes:

a)  Now you can pin or unpin icons to the taskbar. Go to taskbar / start menu, and then right click on any item to pin or unpin icons to the taskbar.

b) Another new feature is Jump Lists. You can get quick access to some application options and histories by using jump Lists. Just right click any icon on the taskbar to see the Jump List. Here is a working example for media player.

Jump List Windows 7

c) Windows 7 superbar introduced new Application Previews and lots more.

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How to Hide User Accounts On Windows

I saw a user searched on my blog to find tips about How to Hide User Accounts On Windows.. I decided to write on that topic. If you want to hide user account from other users, please Follow this steps:

  1. At first  Click on Strat Menu > Run
  2. Then type in GPEDIT.MSC and click ok or hit Enter. Note that : Only Windows Xp Professional have this Utility.
  3. Now go to User Config >> Admin Templates >> Control Panel and double click on Hide specified Control Panel applets
  4. Now put a dot in enabled, and click On Show
  5. After the step four Click On click Add button and type in  nusrmgt.cpl into the box.
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