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Ultimate Tools, tutorials and software to make portable application part 1

When I go somewhere to fix any pc, I take my favorite applications to fix pc. I use lots of portable computer application while working on other person’s computer. I was always interested to know how to make any app portable. Few months back I made couple of portable application for my use. Today I am trying to share Ultimate Tools, tutorials and software to make portable application (as much as possible).

Tutorials & Software’s – To Make or Create Portable Application

You can find some application to create portable application. You can make portable application in different ways. You need different software and techniques to make portable software. So choose your own way… Because you need to decide which tutorial you want to try. Here is a list of software you should download after reading rest of the article.

1. Portable App Creator (PAC) & Tutorial: This small program monitors an installation in order to make a Portable application.

portable app creator

Here is the application download link and video tutorial from the Developer. All credits to this goto a guy at portableapps called maroesjk.

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Add Pirvacy Policy on your Adsense optimized Sites

Recently Google E-mailed Google Adsense publishers to update Privacy Policy on their sites. I saw that most of the Adsense publishers don’t have Privacy Policy on their sites. Some adsense publisher told that you might get a ban from Adsense for not adding Privacy Policy Page on your Site or Blog. Google  said :

Please ensure that your site’s privacy policies are up-to-date and make any necessary changes by April 8, 2009.

In this post i am going to add some plugins and website link for privacy policy…

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Using Google Adsense on Parked Domains

Quick Update : You may have noticed that Google Adsense added a new tabAdsense named AdSense for domains inside your AdSense Setup tab. If you have a domain with no content you can add Google Adsense on that domain. Instead of an “under construction” page or 404 error on domain with no content, AdSense for domains provides links, search results, advertisements and other content. Now you can earn some extra revenue from you unused domains.To know more info about AdSense for domains visit Google’s official link AdSense for Domains

If you want to setup Google adsense on your parked domains plz follow this this link to find complete information with image: How to setup Adsense for domains?

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