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How to Use Google Cache to View Sites Without registration

Using Google Cache for bypassing registration is an old trick. One of my user reader  named Noel asked me to,” How to bypass views limitation process while viewing forums or sites ?” Some forums have page views limitation. You might see a message showing…. It appears that you’ve exceeded the maximum number of posts you can view .. bla bla..

google cache hack

Page views limitation

So I am sharing this old Google cache Hack to bypass forum registration.

1. At first Download and install Mozilla Firefox Browser from here If you are using Firefox then go to second step.
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Maximizing Search Experience

Search Engine can help you in different ways. Today i will share  some search engine tips for Maximizing Search Experience:

1. If you’re looking for any word definition. Go to and search then write

define: your word here
You will get a lot of links With definition. You can learn lot of Google tricks like Book Search, Local Search, Music Search, File Types And a lots more from here : Google Search Features

2. Are you looking for any kind of documents for your work? Just go for Scribd. Trust me!! you will get lot more than that. Lots of collection..

3. Search using different Search engine ( Google, yahoo, Alexa ). you will get different results from different search engine. If you are using Internet explorer for browsing web, you should try Firefox. You can Customize Firefox In your way. Thousands of Add-ons can Maximize Your Web Browsing. You can Add / Remove Search engine and More.


4. While browsing sometimes i need to translate Web pages. For Site translation I always use lots of Online Service. Some of them:

I posted some more tips In Google Tips Section. Time to time i shall add more tips. Feel free to give some suggestion.

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Submit sitemap In search engine

Sitemaps enables webmasters to submit information in search engine about pages on their site.Here is a sitemap Example: Bytetips sitemap

To get web traffic from search engine At first you have to make some page or unique post in your site.Then create a sitemap for your site. you have to submit it to search engine.Here is how to do this:
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