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Some Unix Commands And tutorials For Beginners

Couple days ago i was  learning UNIX commands. I found some cool sites that could help some one to learn Unix Easily. …  I tried to add some best site for learning Unix. Enjoy and let me know if you know some cool site like this.
1. From Harvard Mathematics Department :

2. From Unix Tool Box : Here is a cool Cheat sheet for Unix commands from Unix toolbox

3. And One of the Best is Learn Unix In Ten Minutes :

4. And Here is a Unix/ Linus command Reference Cheat sheet from . Check the link below to download the Unix command cheat sheet as PDF file for your everyday use.

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How to Add Touchscreen Support ubuntu

I use Windows 7 and Ubuntu on my Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t. Last time I shared a way to install Ubuntu within windows. But the touchscreen feature doesn’t work on Ubuntu operating system by default.

Ubuntu Touch screen

Ubuntu Touch screen Features

To enable  multitouch drivers on Ubuntu you need to install multitouch drivers on Ubuntu.  Here is  the way to add touchscreen support for Ubuntu. But this package is experimental. Its working fine on my Netbook.

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How to install Ububtu with Windows

One of my blog reader have asked me to write a tutorial about about installing Ubuntu within Windows. This tutorial will show how to install ubuntu with  Xp , Windows vista and Windows 7. So here we go.. For this tutorial we are going to use a software called Wubi. So follow the steps bellow :

First step :

For online installation download Wubi from here For Offline installation go to then choose the version of ubuntu you want to install. For example if you want to install Ubuntu 9.10 go to > then go to 9.10/. Now download the 9.10 DESKTOP CD ISO. Make sure you downloaded Desktop Cd Iso. Now download Wubi.exe from there( It should be available there. Place both files in same directory. Now we can start installing Ubuntu within Windows. If you have USB SD/MMC/CF multi-card reader go to systray and click on Safely Remove Hardware to Eject card reader drives from your pc during Installation. It’s very important to disable card readers or else You may get an error message displaying

Windows – No Disk

Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6f7c

Wubi shows No Disk error message because all the card slots are empty… but still had drive letters assigned by Windows. If you already started Wubi, fix no disk error message by disabling your card reader.

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