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Transfer Windows mobile Contacts to iPhone 4s

I got my iPhone 4s on my hand and transferred Windows mobile Contacts to iPhone 4s contact. Most of you guys may know the trick . I am going to show an easy way to share windows mobile contacts with iPhone.

Setup Instruction on Windows Mobile

I used Google Sync backup contact from windows Mobile and then used iPhone 4s to sync contacts from Google sync. Follow the instruction from the link bellow to backup windows mobile contacts.


Transfer Windows mobile contacts to iphone 4s
Setup Instruction On iPhone 4s

To setup Google sync on your iPhone 4s follow the links bellow:


Now Sync your Device to backup contacts on Google sync . Also import and Export contacts, Calender and email to each device .Its Simple and fast way to transfer contacts between devices . You can use Google sync on BlackBerry or Nokia device. For more information Go to http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/

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Share windows mobile gps through bluetooth for Ipod Touch 4 or ipad

Do you know you can Share windows mobile gps for Ipod Touch 4 through Bluetooth? If you don’t like windows mobile maps use ipod touch 4 with IGO orTomTom. I have a windows mobile touch pro 2 device. And i use my touch pro 2 as Bluetooth gps for my ipod touch 4th gen. If you have any windows mobile device with gps functionality you can use gps 2 Bluetooth for apple ipod touch 4. Here are the steps to use windows mobile as gps for ipod touch 4:

Software and settings for Windows mobile device
1. You need to download free windows mobile gps software Gps2blue from the link bellow
Download the GPS2Blue.CAB or GPS2Blue.exe for windows mobile device. Install the ppc software gps 2 Bluetooth on your device.

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Share Windows Mobile as Gps for Laprop Or Bluetooth Device

In this short tutorial i am going to show How to use your windows mobile pocket pc as GPS device for Laptop, Pc or Bluetooth device like ipod touch. At first You need to Download a software named GPSgate from the website below
Download Free GpsGate Client for Windows & download GpsGate Client for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. Then Follow the rest of the tutorial..
1. Install PPC GPSgate Client. Start it and it will show Gpsgate setup wizard for ppc device. select all check-box tap on ok. It will search and show you a message about your GPS port use that GPS port. In my case it was COM4.On the input tab it will show like the picture below:

Now Tap on Output Tab and select Acrivesync (for sharing gps for pc use) or Bluetooth server (for sharing using bluetooth). Then follow rest of the steps of setup wizard.
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