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How to Hide User Accounts On Windows

I saw a user searched on my blog to find tips about How to Hide User Accounts On Windows.. I decided to write on that topic. If you want to hide user account from other users, please Follow this steps:

  1. At first  Click on Strat Menu > Run
  2. Then type in GPEDIT.MSC and click ok or hit Enter. Note that : Only Windows Xp Professional have this Utility.
  3. Now go to User Config >> Admin Templates >> Control Panel and double click on Hide specified Control Panel applets
  4. Now put a dot in enabled, and click On Show
  5. After the step four Click On click Add button and type in  nusrmgt.cpl into the box.
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Tips to change Virtual Memory in Windows Xp

It’s best to allow Windows to manage the paging file.For some reason i changed virtual Memory / paging file  in windows Xp. You can manually set the amount of virtual Memory / paging file  in Xp. To  change the paging file  settings in Xp follow this steps:

  1. At first close all your running  applications. Then Right-click on My Computer and  Select Properties. Now go to Advanced tab and Click on  Settings under the Performance section.
  2. Then go to Advanced tab and click on Change button Under the Virtual Memory section.
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How to search Hidden files and System Files In Windows XP

Do you know that Windows Xp can’t find hidden and system files because  the Search companion does not search for hidden or system files by default. Because of this, you may be unable to find files, even though they exist on the drive. Search tool  in Windows XP searches for hidden and system files in a different way. If you want to see search result for hidden or system files in Windows XP follow this steps:

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