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Phone Spy Beta for remotely spying Conversation

Few days ago i wrote about text monitoring software text Guard for Cell phones..Now Do you want to know how to spy conversation of others..  Today i learned about a new beta software phone spy. This software works on Windows mobile phones. It’s an interesting program for spying other peoples conversation live…!! 🙂 can you believe that!! yes its true.. Best of all it’s free. I didn’t tasted it yet.. (i have no friends to spy). Here is some features described by the phone spy developer.

Spying Phone Conversation

** What is does **

After installing on victim’s phone, you have to send a text message of “chetstriker” to the victim. Then the victim will receive the text message, but wait the funny thing is it will not make a noise. It will then turn off the screen and call your phone back with the speaker phone mode turned on. Now you can hear the victim’s private conversation. that’s sounds crazy.. isn’t it??

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