Get Windows Phone 7 UI for Your Windows Mobile 6.5

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Do You like the Windows Phone 7 UI ? You can get Windows Phone 7 look on your Windows mobile 6.5 device. It looks Great and it runs fast. I tasted it on my touch pro 2 device.

Get Windows phone 7

The developer also confirmed that it’s working on HTC HD2 (ROM: Duttys), HTC Touch 3G (ROM: Megade) and Samsung OMNIA II (i8000) (ROM: Stock 6.5).. should work on all devices with WM6.5 Here is a video from the Developer:

To Get Windows phone 7 UI You need a windows mobile 6.5 Device and .net compact framework 3.5. Follow the steps bellow to install Windows phone 7 look:

1. Read and download the new version of Host 1.5 Cab. Go to this Url

2. Use activesync windows mobile transfer cab file to the device. Disable all today items from your device before installing Host 1.5. Now install the cab and run from the start menu. Have fun with your new windows mobile 7 look.

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