Some Must Have Freeware For Pocket pc

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If you are using pocket pc or  Windows Mobile  Device you can use Some Excellent freeware to Get more from pocket pc. you can find thousands of free windows mobile software, games, enhancements and themes for hand held Device. Here is some free software for windows mobile Device :

Schap’s tools – Advanced Configuration Tool 3.1

Advanced Configuration Tool allows you to easily modify more than 200 settings for Windows Mobile system and applications.

you will find more Info and download link about this Tool Here:

You will also find some for more Coolest software like Advanced Task Manager, Registry Editor, Setup VoIP.

ClearTemp is an application for you to free up storage space on your pocket pc device. It allows you to clear temporary/unused files easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and soft reset counter. For details and download link Visit here: ClearTemp


iContact is a simple contacts applications for your Windows Mobile device which will help you scroll your contact list in iPhone style by sliding down your finger in the screen! This video shows How it works

[youtube Sj847g7T9V0 300 200]


Download Link: iContact

Total Commander

A very powerful file browser. It has built in unzipping and a built in notepad. It also has a very fast
find files function. Some features:
* Copy, Move whole subdirs
* Inplace rename, create dirs
* Delete (no recycle bin)
* Zip and unzip
* Properties dialog, change attributes
* Built-in text editor
* Search function (also for text)
* Select/unselect groups of files
* Select with [Sel] button
* FTP client
* Registry editor
* LAN access And More.

Website and Download Link : Total Commander

The concept of PocketNotepad is “To provide the same feature as Desktop Notepad does” or “Nothing added to the original Notepad”. 🙂 That is, no toolbars, rebar bands, etc…

Website and Download Link : Pocketnotepad

PocketCM Keyboard

Its a Keyboard for Windows mobile pocket pc. You can use this keyboard with your finger easily, it suggest word based on letter position Etc.

Website and Download Link : PocketCM Keyboard



Keepass can Manage your private data like passwords and other information.
For Pocket Pc ver visit Here

For more info and windows Ver visit Here


The ultimate public transport guide for your PDA or Smart phone. It covers 400 cities worldwide. Now you can travel easily Using this.

For Website and Download Link : Metro for Pocket PC

Note: More Cool freeware Coming soon..

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