Farmville Cheats and Tricks for facebook

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I was looking for a way to cheat Farmville. I managed to find farmville game cheats and Tricks so that I could plow, plant and harvest faster. You can also use Scrips to automate plow, plant and harvest.

Note & Update: Check latest cheats and autoplay tools for farmville. If you play mafia wars check here for  Mafia wars cheats and auto player.

Plow, plant and harvest faster on Farmville : Few days ago one of my friend sent me a trick to plow, plant and harvest faster. I know its so boring to plow and plant … specially when you have a big farm. Your character moves slowly while clicking. So here what you need to do for saving  your time..

1. After loading Farmville on facebook don’t move your character.

2. Buy six hay bales and block your character like this picture.

Farmville Cheats for facebook

3. Now plant faster without moving you character…

Save your time and have fun with this little trick.

Use scripts and tools to cheat Farmville : Farmville game is based on clicks. All we do here is click.. click and click… 🙂 We can automate our clicks to cheat farmville  game on facebook.  Here is how to do that…

1. You will need autohotkey to run scripts. At first download autohotkey from here

2. Now you can use *.ahk (autohotkey extension ) … Now download some scripts from here..

  • Automatically harvest plow & plant, all fields in the game Farmville
  • Farmville clicker
  • Farmville single-click trees and animals to harvest
  • KF-AutoHarvester

4. Now copy – paste those scripts in a text file and save as .ahk extensetion to run those scripts. Also read the instruction for those scripts.I am trying to find some more tools for facebook farmville cheats untill then have fun.

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  1. Amy December 28, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

    u only need 4 hay bails

  2. 50tibi January 5, 2010 at 6:09 am #


  3. Gerry March 18, 2010 at 6:33 am #

    hoe do i get past a blocked webside

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