Frontierville game cheats on facebook

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Here we go … Frontierville  cheats for Facebook ! I am a fan of Facebook Games. I wrote some tricks and  cheats for mafia wars, Farmville ETC. Today i am going to share some cheat for Frontierville  cheats for facebook.

Frontierville Game Cheats Facebook

Frontierville Game Cheats Facebook

Gift and Energy Cheat Frontierville : Follow this steps to generate gifts from your Frontierville neighbor. The user must be a Facebook friend AND be a Frontierville neighbor. Here are the steps:

1. At First go to

and Enter Facebook user name or Id in the box.

Frontierville cheats

2. Then you will see the Frontierville gift links for Energy, Building, School, Trees, Animals Etc. It will look like the picture below :

Frontierville Gift cheats

Now copy and paste the links to your browser to get gifts from your Frontierville friends. Don’t go crazy with the gifts. Have Fun. Also share the Frontierville Gift cheats with your friends. Have fun. I have some other cheats for Mafia wars , Frontierville, Farmville and Zoo world. But for now enjoy this one. I am So sorry that i have no time on my hand today…..

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  1. Lorraine March 15, 2011 at 7:31 am #

    How do you become neighbours for frontierville???? to get gift links

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