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May be you are thinking why you have to protect your online products from Search engine. Before i heard about search engine tricks. Today i found something something interesting about search engine results.
I was searching a freeware soft for pdf writing and accidentally got a Cached page link. After browsing that page got a shocking result. It took me to an order page where it showed download link for that product. Can you belive that?

It can make your Business Down
Search engine bot can Cache your Product link page. Visitor can get access to Unprotected product page if your page from search engine.Soon you will find that lots of shared copy of your floating around.So what happened? Think about that.

How to secure you Product?
You can protect your products in many ways. Here is some steps that can help you to save your digital product:

1. Always use Nofollow meta tag to stop search engine access in your product download page.
To know more about this tag Visit Here. Add nofollow meta tag between head in your product page.

2. Change product download link Constantly. And Inform it to your customer only. (If its necessary ).Or use a script to generate product encrypted link which should have a expiry date.

3. You can password protect your product page or you can password protect your ebook too. You can save it as a password protected zip file. Etc

4. Before using a payment script search for Vulnerability.An make sure that your payment script have no well known Vulnerability.

5. If your product download page is already indexed Send remove request to search engine. And change product download path.

Well it was some simple method to protect your product. Have fun With Bytetips.

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