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Protect Products from Search engine

May be you are thinking why you have to protect your online products from Search engine. Before i heard about search engine tricks. Today i found something something interesting about search engine results.
I was searching a freeware soft for pdf writing and accidentally got a Cached page link. After browsing that page got a shocking result. It took me to an order page where it showed download link for that product. Can you belive that?

It can make your Business Down
Search engine bot can Cache your Product link page. Visitor can get access to Unprotected product page if your page from search engine.Soon you will find that lots of shared copy of your floating around.So what happened? Think about that.
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Delete saved fopassword on IE

When you enter a user name and password, Internet Explorer ask you to store password. If you clicked Yes and it will automatically fill in the password next time you enter that user name.

To delete those passwords

1. Open Internet explorer then click on tools.

2. Go to Internet Options and go to content tab.

4. And click on Autocomplete then clear forms and clear passwords

5. And you are done

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Run Commands to access the control panel

Add/Remove Programs – control appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Properties – control timedate.cpl
Display Properties – control desk.cpl
FindFast – control findfast.cpl
Fonts Folder – control fonts
Internet Properties – control inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard Properties – control main.cpl keyboard
Mouse Properties – control main.cpl
Multimedia Properties – control mmsys.cpl
Network Properties – control netcpl.cpl
Password Properties – control password.cpl
Printers Folder – control printers
Sound Properties – control mmsys.cpl sounds
System Properties – control sysdm.cpl

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