WordPress 2.5 RC2 And Screencast Is Out

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Wordpress new dashboard

New ver of WordPress 2.5 is coming soon. After getting huge response Today Developers Released WordPress 2.5 RC2. They also Released Screen cast. Finally Developers said that 2.5 they had no reports of any broken themes in this upgrade. Here you can see or

Download screencast : WordPress screen cast RC2 17 mb

Here is a live Demo for wordpress 2.5 : Demo site
you can login using User name : admin pass: demo
You can also download WordPress 2.5 RC2 from here:Download

Now wordpress 2.5 is coming with lots of new features & advantage. Another good new is that popular wordpress plugins have no compatibility issue with Version 2.5. Here you can see a long list plugin: Plugin compatibility Taste. Currently Release date scheduled for March, 2008 I can’t wait 🙂


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