42 Points to Make More Money With Adsense

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1. Remember: Adsense doesn’t make you money; traffic makes you money
2. Write posts that link to good content on higher-ranked sites in your niche. If your traffic is low, click on those links yourself – webmasters will take notice.
3. Post on forums in your niche and add your site to your signature
4. Submit articles to article directories
5. Use Technorati Tags
6. Submit your best articles to Digg and Del.icio.us
7. Comment on other blogs with similar themes to yours
8. Become a regular on several similarly-themed blogs you like
9. Use Google Sitemaps
10. Write about well-known people in your niche
11. Use a blogroll, but only add sites that you would really recommend. Less is more.
12. Read Gogsense
13. Remember: Good content + good advertising = traffic
14. Choose a niche you’re passionate about
15. Post/write an article/add content every day
16. Make your content unique and useful
17. Be timely: break news, comment on new information, become a valuable source of interesting new stuff

18. Be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny; if you’re not, don’t try to be. Be confident that your personality will draw like-minded readers.
19. If you can’t think of anything interesting to post about, find something interesting to post about.
20. If you can’t find anything interesting to post about, keep looking.
21. You just read something interesting that has nothing to do with your site’s theme. Find a way to make it relevant. Use it as an example or integrate it into a story. Use it.
22. Read Copyblogger, and Problogger
23. Remember: Traffic + Adsense = Money – So don’t get kicked out
24. Read the Adsense TOS and don’t break it
25. While you’re at it, read all the Adsense guides Google provides
26. Do NOT encourage readers to click Adsense ads
27. If you’re placing a picture specifically to subtly draw attention to Adsense Ads, make sure the ads are clearly distinguished from the image (borders or a line between the two)
28. If you’re unsure if your ads comply with the Adsense TOS, ask them for a review
29. Better yet, design your ad concept on a hidden page and have Google review it first
30. Remember: Traffic + Adsense optimization = More Money
31. Study the Google Heat map
32. Place site-relevant pictures near your ads
33. Color images are often better than black-and-white
34. Animations are lame
35. Integrate your ads with your site design
36. Place ads between blog posts
37. Place ads in blog posts
38. Consider borderless Adsense ads
39. Use wide ad formats
40. Be Patient: Time, trial and error are what you need to succeed
41. Give your Adsense implementation a few weeks (at least) before drawing any conclusions
42. Use channels. You are going to want to know which ads are being clicked and which aren’t.

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