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Have something you want to see a tutorial for? Got ideas for articles, tutorials or even to improve this site? Make a suggestion here. I can’t make any promise, but I shall try to write about That topic. I am Out of Idea!

Write A Tutorial

If you have tutorials to share with us, please Submit Your Tutorial Here. I love to hear about it. Just click here and let us know. Write about An informative article  of general  interest to PC users, how-to guide or tutorial ETC . In return for your Tutorials and Articles I will link back to your blog/s in the article you submitted to promote you and your site. The posts you submit on this blog, they must be your original work.I  shall try to help you with your Blog or website. stuff like submitting site in social bookmark site, Search engine submission ETC. Please Do not submit tutorial Copied from other sites. Only Tutorials Written by you.

Here is the Terms :

  1. Your posts must fit into available categories.
  2. Submit your post in English. Or else i have to translate and modify you post.
  3. All plugin updates and other updates will be done by me.
  4. I have the rights to Accept or Reject Post.
  5. Article should contain more than 150 words and maximum of 3 outbound links.

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