Which WordPress Plugins NOT to USE!!!

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Today i was browsing around and found a post on DP (Digitalpoint forum) about Which WordPress Plugins NOT to USE!!!  Dp member godsofchaos his opinion about that. So always think before adding a Plugin

Let us help each other out. we all have bad experiences with plugins. some with this one and the others with that one… know what I mean… I lately found out what plugins you should not use if you want to have a blog with relatively moderate/high traffic.

Number one wordpress villain is the Global Translator plugin

Number two is the Lancelhoff wordpress translator plugin.

Both will kill your MySQL server by sending pings after pings after pings…. and your host will definitely kick ya out if you are on a shared environment. The translator plugins maximizes the load on MySQL significantly, and if you use Global Translator without the cache feature, its a matter of days of getting suspended for CPU usage for sure.

Number Three is using Wp Cache, Super Cache, or Hyper Cache TOGETHER. While, when you use them one at a time and use them the right way, you do live like a King… (like I am living with Hyper Cache), using them both can mess up settings for you pretty bad and if you are not so techie with WordPress, you are in for a rough ride and a nightmare! Also, for low traffic blogs and absolutely new webmasters it is highly recommended to use them at a dummy blog first! Using these plugins have huge upsides, but some downsides as well. (Like deleting cache folder when you change host manually, deactivating cache through htaccess, making folders writable, make sim links etc.)

Fourth in the list is any statistics plugin which pings the server every time you or your visitor executes a new click or a visitor comes to the site like User Online, Popularity Plugin. While this can be significantly reduced using Hyper Cache/Super Cache, but it is still a pain when you use them. Rather for stats, use a plugin like Most commented, or use a standalone tracker from like analytics, sitemeter, histats etc.

So far, these are all I can think of… I will update the post every now and then whenever I find a new buggy or “heavy plugin“. In the meantime do feel free to share your recommendations here about plugins you find you should not use.

Here is the post link.

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3 Responses to Which WordPress Plugins NOT to USE!!!

  1. mikej July 17, 2008 at 12:12 am #

    Actually the lancelhoff translator works excellent. I don’t know why your having issues with the plugins you have listed. I have no such issue on multiple shared hosting accounts. Heck the plugin is being used by thousands of people. There would be more reports if this was a known issue.

  2. Michael Aulia February 23, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

    Well I’m planning to try Global Translator plug-in in my blog. I do have SuperCache enabled for months so hopefully these 2 plugins can work together!

  3. Janan April 7, 2009 at 8:23 am #

    Thanks for the informative post i was also googling to find out whither i should use Wp super cache or not. i will try it on a dummy blog first.

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