Be careful while Using free proxy sites

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There are some ways to use Proxy. You can configure browser to use proxy.  Web Proxy is the best way to access sites blocked by a content filter. If you use a proxy site to bypass blocked site, then be careful about choosing the free proxy websites. Recently i found that some proxy site owners can steal your login name and password from their site. If you use Facebook, Myspace or any sites that have login name and password … proxy keylogger can steal your password. Do you trust me? If not, then here what they can do..

Note: Its a security issue. So don’t try this …  I Got this info on other site.

1. At first a proxy site Owner uses free or paid web hosting…

2. Then they choose the website they want to attack… Example : Facebook,  My space and any other sites..

3. Using PHP proxy script they can steal email, user names and passwords easily by adding some simple php code..


Unsecured Proxy

That code can send user name and password ..

So if you are using any proxy sites check for trusted proxy sites.

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