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Trick to Get PR4 Backlinks for free

This is a simple trick to find PR4 pages. One of my friend shared this trick with me. It a way to get links from Digg. At first go to digg.com. Then pages that are older than 365 days. There you will get lots of high page rank pages Digg. Old pages and some new pages has high page rank on Google. Find your post related pages. Then check page ranks using online page rank checker. Now make a comment and post your URL on those pages . Your link is now on a high page rank page for free. Search around and keep looking.. you will find some pages that are really really high page rank such as pr8, Pr7. Here are the steps to get PR4 Backlinks from digg with Example link:

1. Go to digg.com. If you have a Digg account login to Digg or Signup for new account from Digg.
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Easy way to get link from WikiAnswers

Today i am going to show an easy way to get link from WikiAnswers. Thisadd-related-links website is based on question and answers. It shows up on Google for tons of searches and this website is PR 7 website. But don’t spam this site. You can get your own link on WikiAnswers without answering a post. Search for questions related to your post and add related link to the website. Its easy.. So get your Pr 7 link easily. Follow this steps to add your link to the website:

  1. You need to create an account on WikiAnswers.
  2. Then login to your account. Now search for your keyword related to your topics. Open the question related to your question.
  3. After opening the question, look for left sidebar. There is a link that says Add Related Links. Take a look at the attached picture. Then click on Add Related Links.
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Hot Backlink Building Tricks

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page from other We. Backlinks are One of the biggest factors of ranking high in the search engines. If your website have a high rank your website will get more traffic from Search Engine. If you wish to know More about Backlinks Read this Wiki Article Here: Backlink

Do you Need some Backlinks?
If you want to build some Backlink. Have you seen website or Blogs with spam comments with links? Its all for getting Backlinks. Today I am going to share some tricks for getting Backlinks. Hope You guys gonna enjoy this.

Trick 1: Do you want to get your first Backlink Just write about your website and submit your website to About Us wiki Page. Search for this kind of wiki web site then submit  your page. Wait for search engine to to grab your link.

Trick 2: May be its an Blackhat Method to gain Backlink Quickly but easy… If you write comments on other Blogs or post in Forums you can get some links from there too. But consider not to spam. Get links on forums or blogs or comments and link back to your site using a smiley as an anchor text. Your hidden link will go unnoticed but it will help you getting Backlinks. But you will not get proper anchor text. Continue Reading →

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