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Sitemaps enables webmasters to submit information in search engine about pages on their site.Here is a sitemap Example: Bytetips sitemap

To get web traffic from search engine At first you have to make some page or unique post in your site.Then create a sitemap for your site. you have to submit it to search engine.Here is how to do this:

To create a sitemap you can use online sitemap generator or you can use software for your site . Here is a good site where you can generate a sitemap.

This website offers a sitemap generator that creates Google sitemaps in XML format, together with text and HTML sitemaps. you can create maximum 500 pages.You can view a cap here

Type your site address set options as you like:Change frequency, Last modification & Priority. Click start to generate sitemap. To know about Change frequency, Last modification & Priority read on the right corner of their index page.After clicking on start that site will generate a sitemap for you. Download site map and edit that sitemap if you like to remove or add any pages. upload you sitemap in public_html/ Now submit it to search engine after signup.

To submit in Google Signup a webmaster account. Here is the link:

And for MSN use

And add your sitemap. Read details About how to do that Sitemap

If your pages are unique search engines will index most of them quickly. Have fun with sitemap.


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