How to change Date and time zone In Windows Vista

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Probably you have figured that out before. But i decided to write this because i had to fix this on one of my friend’s computer. Time is changing!! If your country is in Daylight saving time Area it’s time to change your time. To change the computer’s date, time and time zone including Daylight Savings (DST) in Windows Vista, follow this steps.

First step : At first click on the clock in the taskbar’s bottom-right corner.You will see a calendar and clock appeared in a small window.
Second step : Choosing Date and Time settings you will see The Date and Time dialog box.

Third step : Choose Change Time Zone, enter your current time zone in the Time Zone from the menu, and click OK twice. And you are done with changing time zone.

To change time and date you have to click on change date and time Button then setup your time and date. I added a screen shot of Date and Time window. By the way you can even go to start menu > control panel > Date And time  to find the  time and date Box. Have fun and don’t foreget to change your time at November 2 ( sunday) 2AM.


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