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How to show Related post with post image in Worpress

I saw some blog showing related post, random post and popular post¬† with post image on the side. Its a good idea to show post with post image. Do you know that showing post with pictures can get more views? Few days ago i started to test my web traffic from referrers and search engines. I found that My post with image get more views than others.. Then i posted tips and articles with image and it doubled my page views. If you don’t add image to your posts in wordpress you should test it. But you should decide that what would be best for your blog. You can also add some new options in your blog like showing related post or random post at the bottom of your post. You can add this option in your theme in a easy way. Just all you have to do is use a wordpress plugin with right settings. You can even edit the looks and styles by editing css code. So here is a little tutorial about how to show related post with image thumb.

1. At first download this plugin from Here Related post with Thumb Revised. This plugin is a modified version of WordPress Plugin Related Post Thumb from ZioGeek. But that plugin can’t re size image to thumb. But with revised version you can change the size of the thumbnail page configuration. Related lists are generated using tag. Download and activate that Plugin.
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