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Absolute Beginners Guide For Blogging

One of my blog reader asked me to share some tips on blogging and  web traffic. You can check some of my tips and trick i wrote few months back… plus a Video guide for giving you the opportunity to generate your first online income. So here are my tips and tools for blog:
Some secrets of Writing unique popular article
Google trend tricks to increase blog traffic
The art of Advertising appeals for your Content
Use keyword Tools to optimize your site
Hot Backlink Building Tricks

Today i am going to share a free online video training seasons on blogging. This guide covers most of the details about finding Niche, setting up a blog, SEO competition analysis, affiliate marketing and lots more for beginners.
Some of you might know about this guide… For those who doesn’t know its.. The Thirty Day Challenge. Its absolutely free…!! For a full 30 days they gonna show how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online for free.

To get Thirty days of training seasons go to http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com and enter your name and Email address. Then click on register and start learning immediately.

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Woopra real-time Web analysis I am loving it..!

Do you track your website / blog ? Do you know about woopra web analysis ..?? If you don’t know about that you wooprashould try woopra. I used some web analysis scripts to optimize my blog traffic. But always tried to know more details about my site traffic real-time. Few days ago i applied for woopra analysis to try it. They approved my blog and I am loving the way it shows the web analysis. I am loving the features.. I hope you guys will enjoy woopra features too.

1. Real time web traffic with lot of info. It shows visitor counts, reffed website Etc.

2. Click-to-Chat option helps you to chat with your visitor without any software installation. Woopra website said, “This breaks the virtual wall between visitor and webmaster.”

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The art of Advertising appeals for your Content

This my second post of my plan for getting more web traffic. You can read the last post about secrets of Writing unique popular article here. If you got a nice unique content then you should apply this methods to promote your post. It’s my own plan to get some more ranking and traffic from search engine. Advertising is all about spreading content to the world. Advertising is an art to promote the sales of a product or service. Traffic is the most important part to get more from your blog. It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest writer in the world, if nobody sees it. Web traffic is important for making money Online. If you have adsense on websites or blog, web traffic is very important to make some revenue. This month i reached my Bandwidth limit… Last month i had 4 gigs of bandwidth out of 7 gigs. Now i think that my plan is working for me. Hope it worked for you too.I was looking for a way to to get a large amount of traffic for my blog.There are many ways you can get traffic. Here is some methods I applied to increase traffic on website.

Quick traffic through social media : At first I targeted social media sites to collect some good traffic. Best of all it’s free. There are lots of social media sites to spread content. You have to create an email account in free e-mail service provider like yahoo or Gmail. The main purpose of new email account to maintain advertisement in social media and advertising from this email account. yourself from others. Then create some account in Social media sites like  stumble upon, Digg, Myspace, Face Book Etc using that email account. To get traffic from this sites will take some time. But this is the most effective way to spread your blog post to the world. Here a list of100  Best social media sites with Alexa ranking I got from browsing. . After creating account on some social media sites you have to add some friends. Add 3 to 5 friends every day on those account. Make sure you become active in those sites. Share their favorites and write comments about their favorites. By doing this you can earn some good friends and you can gain their trust. If you add five friends in your account, you can get 150 friends in a month. By the end of the year you can get 1800 friend . Try to share and promote your site links while making friends. But be careful about this sites. Don’t try to spam social media sites. Or else users of social media sites will bury your post. But don’t worry  if you have a good content. You can also find some friends and visitors who will submit your site content and links to social media sites. Add social media button on your blog. Some times I get about 2k hits on some of my content. So you should try every social media sites as much as you can. you can alsouse service like SocialMarker, Social PosterOnlyWire to make social media advertising easy. Before i wrote about social media on my web traffic section.

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