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Setting Proxies in Browser can help Hiding Your IP

This tutorial will show How To Set Up Proxies In Your Browser.settings for Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox.

In Internet Explorer

Click “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, the in the “connections” Tab, click the “LAN Setup” Button in the bottom. There is a “Proxy Servers”, tick the “Use a proxy…..” and then enter the proxy in the bigger text box and the port (the part that comes after the “:”) in the smaller text box. Hit okay, and then go to

www.whatismyip.com or www.cmyip.com to see if the proxy is now your IP.


Click “Files”, then “Preferences”, then “Network”, then click the button “Proxy Servers”, tick “HTTP”, fill in with the proxy:port, click okay and that’s it! Don’t forget to check with

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