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Mafia wars cheats and tips for Facebook Part One

I got a request about writing some tips for Mafia wars (popular Online Game). I played this game on facebook. In this post i shall try to add some links and tips for Mafia Wars.

Note: zynga has changed some of these cheats..  i am trying to get the latest link for god father points and energy link.

Tips to Add Mafia Family without Adding as a friend: If You follow this tips you don’t have to add friends in order to add them to your Mafia. Share your  invitation link on your facebook profile and let others know that they can add you by clicking on the link.. If any mafia wars player clicks on your invitation link he or she will add you to their mafia without being your friend. Follow this steps :

1. First login to Face book account and take you mouse pointer over Settings.You will see a menu like this:


Then click on Privacy Settings and click on Profile.

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