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Mafia wars and Farmville wall auto helper Facebook

I wrote about some tips and tricks to cheat on mafia wars. Here you will find more  Mafia wars cheats and tricks : Mafia wars cheats. Few days ago i wrote about mafia wars wall helper cheat script. The script developer decided to stop developing that script. Today i found a new mafia wars cheat for facebook script that can automatically accept gift and send gift request for Mafia Wars and FarmVille. This cheat script collects all the Mafia wars Bonus, Loots and Reward from facebook wall. This cheat code script will accept all Face Book friend requests, gifts, mystery bags, farmville request and lots more. The Mafia wars cheat script will look like this :

Mafia wars wall auto gift accept

To use this script you need Firefox browser and Greasemonkey Firefox add-on. Follow this steps to to install this tool for Facebook wall.
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