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Making an Aio

While Browsing net you can find out there is lot of application to make Aio(all In one Collection). Aio Makes Easy to share a collection of Wallpaper, application or others. Here is a simple tutorial I found While Browsing. Hope it Helps.

Note: You need utoPlay Media Studio to Make AIO


Pass: dxd

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How to Extract Files From Aio

Step 1.

Download an AIO that was generated by Autoplay Media Studio ( most of them are )

Step 2.

Extract it from rar, if applicable, to a folder on your hard drive. Make another folder next to it bearing the name of the AIO you are about to extract from itself.

Step 3.

Fire it up. *Note – the AIO.exe format is a self extracting file which Winrar can handle, but most times the files inside are password protected, including click.ogg and others. Not sure how to break that. Proceed…

Step 4.

a. While it’s running, open up your XP profile Temp directory (ex. C:\Documents and Settings\Bombenhagel\Local Settings\Temp)… This is assuming you are using WinXP, although it should be about the same for Win2000. On Win98, although it just may be C:\Windows\Temp.

b. If the AIO opens in full screen mode, just do an Alt.+Tab to change over to any folder you may already have open, and browse to the Temp directory. Your AIO should be in a directory called ir_ext_temp_0 or similar. Inside there should be 2 items, one executable called autorun.exe and a folder called AutoPlay by default, although it may called something else depending on who packed the AIO.

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