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ActiveSync Internet connection Fix for PPC

Today I Flashed New rom Into My wizzard (T-mobile Mda). Cause I didn’t liked the Rom from T-mobile and it was Windows Mobile 5. I wanted to try windows Mobile 6.1 In my T-mobile MDA. After Upgrading my Internet connection via ActiveSync didn’t worked. To fix this error You have to Edit your PPC (pocket pc) registry. I used CeRegEditor for editing registry. It runs on desktop PC but operates on a mobile device through ActiveSync. I found the solution after searching through Google. And sharing with you guys.

1. Open CeRegEditor on your desktop and locate the key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services

2. Right-click on the value list and choose New/DWORD value. Type the name “AllowLSP” and leave the value zero.

3. Disconnect and connect your device and Pocket Internet Explorer (and all other applications) will start working.

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