Samsung Omnia Style For Pocket pc

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Update: For Application and Today Plugin from omnia you can read this:  Real Omnia Today Plugin

Recently i am interested in a new project called FEWidgets . It brings Samsung Omnia Style (Omnia like widgets) on Windows Mobile Devices. Here is a some screenshots on  this project.

If you want to try it on your Windows mobile pocket pc, You need to make sure that you have .NET Framework 3.5 and Flash 7 for Pocket PC (Flash Lite Won’t work) installed. you can drag drop widegets in your today screen. And you can arrange them as you like.  you can see a this youtube video

to find out more about this Plugin. It will give you the idea how it works. This plugin have some cool widget collection like  Weather widget, calender widget, Missed Calls and some more. you can even change the background from the plugin.

[youtube 9-NmPnyqrEU 300 200]

This samsung Omnia like widgets style worked in my MDA. Developer of this project is working hard to add some cool features. you can create your own widget and can add it. Developer provided Source Code, Widget creation Documentation and download link for this Plugin.
In order to create a plugin you must follow just a few steps:

– Create the widget UI on Flash
– If necessary create a Command Provider for required new FSCommands
– Deploy on a zip (see the docs)
– Easy “Event” architecture providing events from .NET to your widgets.
– Extensible FSCommands through CommandProviders

I shall try to add  some more info on Samsung Omnia plugin as soon as possible.

Source Code: Download

Widget creation Documentation : Download

Download Link for FEWidgets 0.9.1c : FEWidgets-v0.9.1d.CAB

For Latest download Visit this link: Latest Download Link

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