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Batch file that will print from the context menu (right click) in explorer.

1.Open notepad and copy and paste this:

@echo off
dir %1 /-p /o:gn > “%temp%\Listing”
start /w notepad /p “%temp%\Listing”
del “%temp%\Listing”

2.Save the file as Pdirectory.bat in the Windows directory.
3. Start Explorer, click Tools, and then click Folder Options.
4. Click the File Types tab, and then click File Folder.
5. Click Edit, and then click New.
6. In the Action box, type Print Directory Listing.
7. In Application used to perform action, click Pdirectory.bat, and then click OK.
8. Click OK, click Apply, and then click OK.
Done… Now you will be able to right click on a directory and print out a listing!.

UPDATE: I had a problem with printing sometimes, if you get it just do a quick Reg fix:

Key: Directory\Shell
Name: Default
Data Type: REG_SZ
Value: none

Once you set the value of Default to none, at the location above, all is fine.


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