Manila 2D Madness in windows mobile Roms

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I know I have Manila Fever. I can’t stop myself from Manila 2D madness. I have two windows mobile in my home and both of the device have Manila 2D Built-in Roms. I noticed that if i install manila 2D on any device manually it becomes slow while booting. But when i tried Manila 2d built in roms it was faster then that. If you are a Manila 2D  fan you should CID unlock your Device and use Manila 2D built-in roms on your windows mobile device. But CID Unlock / Sim Unlock process is little hard to understand. I Unlocked my Devices Carefully .. Luckily i didn’t bricked my windows mobile devices. To know about Unlocking tools on different deviced Read My previous post Smartphone / PDA Nick Names And Unlocking Explained. I am collecting free unlocking tools for some devices on that post. If i get some time from my work i shall try to update free unlocking tools on that post. By the way, i wanted to keep an eye on Manila 2D Built-in roms for different devices cause my friends also wanted to try manila 2D on their devices. My list of manila 2d built-in roms with name and download link for different devices. Thanks to Noonski from Xda developers for collecting the links. I just added some. Download links.

For Htc Wizard: I have Htc Wizard devices. If you are interested in manila 2d rom for Htc Wizard here are those roms
Hornet Manila Beta 1 and 2Beta 1, Beta 2

Wizard M2D Brushed 6.1Version 0.1.03

SimOne M2D WM6.1 BuildSimone update 3

For Polaris:
udK Syrius R1Syrius Download link

WM 6.1 French 2.0 beta1Download without Radio rom

Touch-IT m2dTouch-IT m2d Download link, Mirror Download link

For Trinity:

Ervius 5.2.22222 Download Here

Ervius 5.2.22222 ITALIAN Language — Download

cmE 0.8 ManilacmE Download link

Roms for ELF/IN:

Gullums Manila2D beta


Manila Rom V1 (German)

Touch ESSentiaL v2.5 (5.2.20755)


Gullum’s Manila TouchFlo2D test



OPTIMIZED Manilla2d (AlmostNak3d)(V8)

(Manila2D) CHO HTC Hermes


Gullums TouchFlo2D beta 3

[ROM][PTG][23.09.08]DIAMOND_AF TF2D BETA(CE OS 5.2.19965-Build 5.2.19591)[ONLINE]

ROM (Manila2D) CHO Artemis & Love


[ROM][WWE][19/09/08]gullums Manila2D V1[ONLINE]

[Updated 9/28/08] Open Touch V7.2 | Build 20748.1.4.0 | Final Release!


[UPDATE 25/09/08] Garmin.DK.4.Manila [OS 5.2.20753 – 20748.1.4.0] – v4.2 is DONE !!!

[29 September 08] HyperDragon III OPAL + Manila2D + YouTube + More! (Read Post:2,3)

[28 SEP 08]PDAVIET ROM WM 6.1 CE OS 5.2.20755 Build 20755.1.4.0 by TranMinhMan

[29.09.08 NEW ROM]Yardie V4.2 Manilla Media ROM UPDATE(Lots of fixes!!!)


Vetvito’s Sexier Windows Mobile Roms and Kitchen 2

NFSFAN’s Custom WM6.1 ROMs

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2 Responses to Manila 2D Madness in windows mobile Roms

  1. Foruall January 29, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    Hey dude…

    All these ROMs are very old. Have a look at in to and point to the latest versions :).


    • Jim January 29, 2009 at 11:39 am #

      You are right about those ROM’s. I apologize for the old links. I shall try to add new links as soon as possible. you can also send me links of new manila 2d ROM’s as soon as possible.

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