How to replace File used By Windows

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Sometimes If you want to delete or replace any windows System file it won’t let you do that. It will give you error message. Today i was trying to add custom theme on my friends pc.. I tried to replace uxtheme.dll with custom theme supported uxtheme.dll I got error message.. that time i realized to write this tips. Sometimes you can’t even replace some file from windows Safe Mode. You can use a utility named Replacer to change you system file.. Its easy as 123..You don’t have to go to safe Mode.

1. First Download this Utility from Here

2. Start Replacer.cmd then drag and drop the original system file( system file you want to replace) on the dos window. It will add the system file..

3. Then again Drag and Drop your collected system file on the dos window

4. It will as show message that ” do you want to replace This file.. If yes then press y on keyboard then Enter if its a no Then press n on the keyboard an Enter .
It will replace your file and it will backup your original file as Yourfilename.backup

Then restart your windows and have fun.

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