How to port your mobile phone number

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There is an overabundance of new mobile phones becoming available all the time, and one way to ensure that you can keep up to date with the latest trends without spending a fortune calling and texting your loved ones to let them know your new number all the time, is to keep your existing number when you buy a new phone or even change network provider – you can do this by transferring (porting) your mobile phone number.

In order to transfer your current mobile phone number to a new phone and/ or network, you will need a Porting Authorization Code (PAC) from your current mobile phone network provider. This can be obtained over the phone – make a note of it as you will need it when you decide to transfer the number.

The PAC code itself is a nine character code comprising usually of three letters followed by six numbers. This code is normally only valid for 30 days, so plan carefully when exactly you want to transfer the number to another phone/ provider.

Its as simple as that – it might be a bit of a hassle coordinating the validation period of the PAC code with your new contract starting, but in the long run it will make life much simpler, and prevents losing contact with your friends if they don’t happen to have your new mobile phone number.

Some important things to know about porting your number:

* You can only transfer (port) your existing mobile phone number if your current contract is active, once you have canceled your existing contract you will no longer be able to transfer your number.
* Some network providers charge a small administration fee for providing a PAC code, so it is worth checking with them before requesting one.
* Transferring your number to your new phone/ provider can take up to seven days from the time you give your PAC code to your new network provider.

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  1. Kit Kat May 26, 2009 at 6:00 am #

    Ic… thanks for the information. One question, after I transfer to other provider, can I transfer again immediately?

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