Beware of PTC Scams!!

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Are you serious about making money on PTC? Then you should think this again before taking further steps. Few months ago i wrote an article about PTC on my blog on PTC earning. I am trying to find tricks about making money online. I decided to try all the legit way to make money online. I was trying to find a way to boost Revenue from PPC and affiliate marketing. After some success I decided to try PTC to know how can i make some extra money from PTC. One of my friend have experience working on PTC sites. He requested me to join under his PTC referral link few times. I joined under his referral link on few Paid to click sites. He didn’t get paid from PTC site after earning some money. I am going to share his experience with PTC sites on this post:

I asked that friend of mine to show me how to get extra benefit from PTC sites. He was crazy about making money with PTC. Then He told me that most of the PTC sites are scam. He started and other PTC site he reached his payout amount with and after that he tried to checkout. After reading bux to FAQ he knew that free users can get paid after few months and paid users can get paid after one month. He requested his money in February 2008 and in April 2008 he didn’t get paid. Then he wrote to support about that but an automatic bot replied the email. Anyway he requested the money again and until now he didn’t get paid. I don’t know about other members on BUX but this explains why you should think before choosing PTC site.
He said that some PTC site take their site down after running that for some time. Then i decided to search for information on this. I saw lots of forums with a request for free PTC scripts. Some are trying to launch PTC site. Some people even said that they are not going to pay for PTC scripts. They need a free script. Imagine how much they are willing to pay after launching their own PTC site. I am not saying that all of them are not going to pay or they are going to scam. But most of them are going to scam people.
After reading and learning abut PTC site I decided not to try this until I find a good PTC site. I am looking for further information on PTC site. If you know any good PTC site or if some PTC site didn’t paid you share your thoughts. Search more about this on Google and Beware of choosing PTC site..
Here is some other reports on from other blogger Is a Scam?

Note: please note that this was free single user experience with I am not saying that they are scamming people. This was one of my friends experience.

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