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Some secrets of Writing unique popular article

I created a plan to  improve my blog rankings and tried to boost my traffic. Got some  way to write unique popular article easily. You probably know that a unique article have a lot of traffic from search engine. But you have to choose popular topics to get a lot of hits. I asked some of the successful blogger about their writing styles. I asked them how they find out what topics is going to be popular in few days. And got some regular answers like keep an eye on regular popular keyword and latest technology ETC. I knew most of the things. But i was wondering that if they shared their secrets about writing. Some people don’t want to share their knowledge. But i think knowledge should be free. Well everyone is not the same. One of my friend have a blog with lots of good contents. As i am new to blogging i asked him how he get lot of hits from search engine. He said its all about spreading  contents to the world wide web. I decided to do some research on writing articles. I got some good result from those research. I don’t know a lot about writing but i shall try to share my experience about my blogging life. Today i am going to share about some secrets of writing good unique articles in a easy way. I shall try to write about how to spread those articles, where to do that etc. Plz remember that it’s all about my experience. If i suck plz let me know.. cause i want to know my faults. So here i begin..

Some secrets of Writing unique popular article

I am a new blogger and hunting some tips for improving my writing styles. Have some fun time now.

How to get popular Topics: Recently i searched though Internet to find some popular articles. I dug through article directories, forums and lots of places. And collected some popular articles.And wrote some articles. For getting traffic on a new article you must get some cool popular idea. Few days ago i wrote about Using keyword Tools to optimize any site. There i explained about getting popular keywords. You can search through Google Adwords Keyword Tool, WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEO Book Keyword Tool and Google trends to find hot keyword. By using those online tools you can find out search volume of search for that keyword and popularity. But its hard to find your niche / blog related keywords. Its kinda hard to find suitable topics for your readers. So here what i did. I collected some keyword through keyword suggestion tool related to my idea. Then I searched those keyword through google trends to find out how popular those keywords and where those keywords are popular. If you want some targeted visitor from certain countries then you can use google trends to find your targeted visitors. I think it’s better to choose less competitive keywords. I searched making money on Google and got some result its about about 47,600,000 result for making money. So if i want to show my article on first page i have to compete 47,600,000 result. Its hard to compete.. lol

Give Eye catching Titles: At first you have to select find eye catching titles for your articles. Ff you are writing on money making tips, you can give titles like Hot money making tips or something like Popular money making tips ETC. So select the best for your keyword and articles.

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