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BitNami Application Stacks for MAC OS X web development made easy !!

BitNami Application Stacks for MAC OS X is one of the best web development App in MAC OS X App store. If you use a MAC and looking for a solution like WampServer or Xampp. BitNami Application Stacks is one of the best web development environment out there. It allows you to develope web applications using PhpMyAdmin ,Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. BitNami Application Stacks is available for different web applications such as bitnami wordpress, bitnami Drupal, Joomla and lots more. I use BitNami WordPress for my WordPress theme development.


Mac Users only need to install MAMP Stack from Mac App store. And that’s all.. no configuration needed. After that you can use it as a web server.Take a look at the pic below:

BitNami MAMP Stack makes the web development and deployment of PHP applications easy. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin and required dependencies. And best of all BitNami MAMP Stack is distributed for free.

To get more details on BitNami Application Stacks go to link below:

BitNami Application Stacks :http://bitnami.org/stacks

For BitNami MAMP Stack : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mamp-stack/id571310406?mt=12

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Adding Big social Bookmark Icon Manually

Last time i wrote a tips to show big social bookmark icon frombig-social-bookmark-icon sociable Plugin. But i was interested to add big social bookmark icon manually. Follow this steps to add big social bookmark icons on your web page or site :
1. Create or dowload Big, Eye-catching Social Bookmarking Icons. You can find good collection of big social bookmark icon from here.

2. Upload the images to your website. Now write down the image URL for later use. Exampe: www.example.com/example.jpg
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WordPress 2.7 Themes Designed By Me

I got a request from a blog reader about posting update on my wordpress 2.7 compatible themes. On this post I am going to add updates about a list of themes with wordpress 2.7 theme I designed.

ByteTips Remix

ByteTips Remix

List of wordpress 2.7 and 2.6.3 themes :

Bytetips : Version 2.8

Bytetips is Free WP Theme, featuring 3 columns layout with Left and right sidebar. A simple theme bloggers. I checked this theme with WordPress Version 2.7. Its compatible with WordPress Version 2.6.5

For New version Here check here: Original post and  Download link

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