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Titanium Project :Windows Mobile 7 look and Feel on Wm6.5 Device

Few day ago i wrote about a windows mobile 6.5 ROM With Windows Chome and manila 2d. I wanted to try Windows mobile 6.5 and windows mobile 7 style on their Pocket pc device. You might know that Windows mobile 7 release date delayed. But I saw some Today plugin developers are trying to port the look and feel of New Today screen from windows Mobile 7 to windows mobile 6.5 ROM’s. Developers opened a project named Titanium. Here is some screen shots from my T-mobile MDA.
Its beta Plugin for windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Users. I myself use windows mobile 6.5 Rom on my T-mobile MDA. If you want to see how it looks on my MDA Check Here : Windows Mobile 7 Look and feel On MDA. Window Mobile 6.5 Titanium Plugin looks great on MDA. If you are running a custom Rom wm 6.5 on your device you might want to try the new style with some extra Panels.

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