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Easy way to get link from WikiAnswers

Today i am going to show an easy way to get link from WikiAnswers. Thisadd-related-links website is based on question and answers. It shows up on Google for tons of searches and this website is PR 7 website. But don’t spam this site. You can get your own link on WikiAnswers without answering a post. Search for questions related to your post and add related link to the website. Its easy.. So get your Pr 7 link easily. Follow this steps to add your link to the website:

  1. You need to create an account on WikiAnswers.
  2. Then login to your account. Now search for your keyword related to your topics. Open the question related to your question.
  3. After opening the question, look for left sidebar. There is a link that says Add Related Links. Take a look at the attached picture. Then click on Add Related Links.
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Google trend tricks to increase blog traffic

This trick is very simple. I applied this trick on my blogs. You will be able to get a lot of hits from search engine easily. If you’ve a blog, this can really help you bring the traffic you need to keep up a steady flow without doing much work.To pick up search engine traffic you need to know your niche related favorite topics of the day. Google is the popular search engine on internet. Google collects information what people are looking for. Google trends displays top hundred search result every hour. here is the link for Google trends then follow these steps :
1. you’ll see a hundred favorite hot topics people are searching for.Choose one of the topic and it will show you details about that topic on the internet. Then search about that words and collect about 5 articles Copy the articles, rewrite those. To know about more on writing using those keywords read my Secrets of writing popular article. This will help you rewrite articles in a easy way.

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