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Completely Remove Old Data From Your PC

Everyone wants their computers to be fast and efficient. You probably spent a lot of time evaluating the processing speed of various computers when deciding on which one to purchase. However, while a new computer may perform at a very high speed, it tends to get slower and slower over a period of time. This is primarily due to various downloads and upgrades which you perform overtime. The common symptoms of a computer that is slowing down are an increase in the loading time of programs, a delay in system start-up, slower Internet access and so on.

There could be many reasons for the slow down of your PC, but one of the main reasons is the presence of old and unnecessary data which is present in your computer. These stray bits of redundant data hamper the optimum performance of your PC by clogging the system. It is possible to enhance the speed and overall performance of your computer if you completely remove old data from your PC.

The following are some of the top tips that can help you clear this old data from  your computer and resolve the “my computer is slow” problem:

Remove Old Data from Your Registry

A computer registry is a centralized database that contains important configuration information related to system software and hardware. Whenever a software or hardware is installed or uninstalled from your Windows PC, its configuration data is added or removed from the registry. A lot of times, small pieces of unwanted information get left behind in the registry, especially if the component is not uninstalled properly. Over a period of time, these stray pieces of information can add up to a huge pile of unwanted data and cause bloating of the registry. This leads to a delay in accessing the registry and an overall slow-down of your computer.

You can increase the speed of your computer by removing this junk data with the help of a trusted registry cleanup tool. A good registry cleanup tool improves computer speed by:

1. Cleaning your Windows registry of unnecessary data.

2. Consolidating broken files in your registry.

3. Repairing error entries within the registry.

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Windows Vista not starting

If Windows Vista is not starting on your pc, there are  many tools you can use to fix the problem. There is a nice tool  called WinRE (Windows Repair Environment… including Startup repair. [Startup Repair is a tool that automates diagnostic and repair tasks of unbootable Windows Vista installations] ). Windows Error Recovery starts and runs automatically upon boot, startup Repair can be launched as a manual recovery tool from a DVD, (Start WinRE by booting to Vista OS Backup Media DVD)
Startup Repair will try to repair computers that are unbootable because of the following reasons:
• Registry corruption
• Missing or damaged system and driver files
• Disk metadata corruption (MBR, partition table, and boot sector)
• File system metadata corruption
• Installation of problematic or incompatible drivers
• Installation of incompatible Windows service packs and patches
• Corrupt boot configuration data
• Bad memory and hard disk hardware (detection only)
When starting from a CD/DVD or the F8 (Advanced Boot Options – Repair your computer) you can manually launch Startup Repair and other recovery tools.
Lets say you have NTOSKRNL.exe is missing or corrupt flagged.
1. Start Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).
2. During Startup Repair, at the Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore? message, click Cancel.
3. Computer restarts, Startup Repair runs again for a total of three times.
4. At the Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically screen, click Don’t send.
5. In Windows cannot repair the computer automatically screen, click View advanced options for system recovery and support.
6. At System Recovery Options, click Command Prompt.
7. At the Command Prompt, type C:, and press ENTER.

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