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Again 222 visitor From Stumbleupon

I was checking my new blog status today and i found that i got a lot of hits from social bookmark sites. But most of them come from stumble Upon. Here is the prove for that:
Stumbleupon Refferer

222 hits from stumbleupon everyday i get hits from stumbleupon. In one month i got lot of my post indexed in Google. Try social bookmark site for your blog or site. I am going to try different methods on my site to get more traffic. And i shall write about the experience about that. So have fun..

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Stumbleupon and web traffic

Use Stumbleupon to increase web traffic.I got 85 visitor in one day using stumbleupon. Amazing resultIt! It was a test though.
Here is the cap:
I am going to try different social bookmark websites to increase my web traffic. All you have to do is stumbled through a well known stumbleupon user.And you will get the result instantly. Or can create your own profile and make friends there. And Have fun with Stumbleupon. You can also search for stumbleupon group on Google and join that group and exchange stumble.

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