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Get All Fruitful Time Software For Free

Do you like Fruitful Time Software’s? If yes then you might wanna get those Productivity Software’s for free. They are giving away free license key for their software’s. I am adding little description of the software’s with the license code link( from their website). Check the giveaway and have fun…

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager: Manage your bookmark easily. Import Bookmarks from Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Label your bookmarks for easy reference and grouping and lots more.

Fruitfultime Notekeeper: Keep your important note and information in one place. Categorize notes with colors. Protect your sensitive notes using password.

FruitfulTime TaskManager: Add and Manage your schedules easily. You can Split your task into sub-tasks. And lots more …

Fruitfultime Productivitymeter: You can track and categorize your computer time for Productivity benefits. Its good for Freelancers, Web professionals and those who want to increase their productivity.

Here Is the link with the license

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Microsoft’s upcoming free security software !!

Do you know about Microsoft’s upcoming free security software?  Few days ago I was trying to find the best  Anti-VirusMSE soft and security software for my clients. That time i found that Microsoft is going to stop selling Microsoft OneCare Anti-Virus software. Instead of OneCare Microsoft is going to release a free alternative security software named Microsoft Security Essentials.Some sites claimed that Microsoft Security Essentials would be available by the end of 2009. Public Beta is available from Microsoft. It’s better than nothing. I hope this will help Windows user to protect their from virus, malware, adware, anti-spyware.

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Steps To Solve PC Application Errors

There are many different types of applications on your Windows computer that enable you to perform various tasks. Some of these applications, such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are installed along with your operating system and some of them, such as Microsoft Office and Antivirus utility can be installed later if you choose to add them. Additionally, there are a few applications that usually come preinstalled, especially on branded computers, which may have tools and utilities to help you maintain the PC.

Application errors occur when certain conditions are not met while you run one of the applications on your PC. For a better understanding, let us have a look at some examples:

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