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Delete Directly from Pc(Bypass Recycle Bin)

Note:This will delete your file from pc bypassing Recycle bin.

Most of the people knows about this little trick. Its easy to Bypass Recycle Bin.

1. At first select the file u want to delete

2. use the combination Shift+Del. It will bypass the Recycle Bin

You can disable Recycle Bin from registry. It will Bypass Recycle Bin while deleting any file from your PC. Follow this steps to use registry hack:

1. Go to Start > Run and type in regedit. Click Ok

2. No navigate to tHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
using Regedit.

3.You will see a value named NukeOnDelete. Double-click the NukeOnDelete DWORD value and change the Value Data to 1

Now restart you pc and have fun. To change back to normal recycle bin options change the value to 0 in step 3.

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Download Using RealMedia Player Tutorial

You may find this helpful if you donwload hundreds of short episodes in rm format like me and tired of double-click to open next files.

Very easy. Use notepad to open a new file, type this inside:
file://link to file1
file://link to file2
(type as many as you want)
Close file. Rename it to FileName.rm

Then you`re done!!!!

I put my playlist file here: C:\Movies\7VNR
And the movie files are in C:\Movies\7VNR\DragonBall

Then inside my playlist file I`ll have something like this:


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