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MySQL Naming Guidelines -MySQL Tutorial Part 5

In this Tutorial will learn  about MySQL table and column Naming Guidelines for database Objects. This is also known as MySQL naming convention or MySQL naming standards. In my last post MySql Tutorial for Beginners Part 4 – CREATE Statement i wrote a little about Create statement and Naming standards for MySQL. One of the reader asked me if i can write little more about MySQL Naming Guidelines. So here we go…

MySQL Tutorial for beginners

MySQL Naming Guidelines -MySQL Tutorial Part 5

Here are some rules and guidelines to follow while coding MySQL for Standards and Naming Conventions:
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MySQL Beginners Tutorial Introduction Part 1

Hello everyone!! today i am going to start a Mysql Beginners tutorial. In this tutorial, I will cover topics such as What is a database, What is Database table , What is SQL and Why do we use SQL?

1. What is a database and Database Management Systems?

Database is collection of organized information or data that can  easily be accessed managed and updated whenever is needed.

Database Management System (DBMS) is a system software There are many kinds of database management systems out there. Here are some example of popular Database Manage systems :
a. SQL
b. Sybase
c. Oracle
d. Microsoft Access
e. DB2

Database Management systems can be classified according to its structure. such as
a. Relational database :-In Relational Database Management systems(RDBMSs) database data are defined in such ways that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways. This kind of Database Management systems stores data in tables which has relationships to other tables.
b. Object oriented programming database :- In this database management system, the data is defined as object classes and sub classes.
c. Distributed database :- In this database management system, distributed database can be dispersed or replicated among different point in a network.

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