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Dealing With DLL Printer Errors

DLLs files are essential to run various programs in Windows including printer drivers. Printer DLL errors may occur when new program installation or a virus infection inadvertently deletes one or more important printer DLL files. Another common cause for DLL printer errors are outdated printer drivers.

DLL Printer Errors

There are several configuration options in printers. These configurations allow you to modify the default printing options provided by the printer. Options include paper type, font selection, color and print quality. For all these configurable options, a user interface is necessary, and the printer user interface DLL is one of the files which help the user interface configuration to function properly. Additionally, the printer DLLs need to work in tandem with the print spooler in order to execute a printing task successfully. This is the reason why when a printer DLL error appears, your printing job is jeopardized.

Fortunately, almost all of the printer DLL errors can be fixed. You might encounter a zsr.dll error or an hpzimc09.dll error, both of which are errors related to your printer. These errors usually occur when the two DLL files are either deleted or corrupted.
The hpzimc09.dll file is associated with HP DeskJet Imaging and by default is found in the HP folder on your computer. The path to the file is: C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging. The zsr.dll file comes on the driver CD of HP LaserJet 1020 printers, and a zsr.dll error generally freezes the print spooler service.

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