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Unlock touch pro 2 CDMA Device Rhodium W HardSPL

One of my reader have asked me about unlocking Tuch pro 2 CDMA Device. In this post i am going share the touch pro 2 Unlocking utility. If you have a touch pro 2 CDMA Device ( Rhodium ), then you can Unlock HardSPL to flash custom ROM. You can unlock your touch pro 2 CDMA HardSPL device for free. This Utility package is for Rhodium CDMA-GSM world phone version only.

Tp2 Custom ROM

Note: before downloading this you should agree that we are not responsible if something goes wrong. I unlocked my TP2 using this method.
1. At first go to this website bellow and download the program on your PC.
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Smartphone / PDA Nick Names And Unlocking Explained

Cellphone / PDA Nick Names are important to find out suitable hacked roms. Cellphone / PDA Devices have different names in Rom developer world. At first when i brought MDA , i didn’t even know that i can run windows mobile 6 on my mda. Then i found that i have to unlock my mda to load different OS in my MDA. I started to search. But the problem was i didn’t know how to unlock my Device. Then i found XDA developers forum. Searched in that forum with my device name and found that my device is known as Wizard. And it was easy to find out the unlocking method to load windows mobile 6 on my MDA. Even i am using Manila 2d on my MDA. That time i decided to put the info of all nick names to one place. So here it is… I tried collect the names with the sold as name from Xda developers and wiki’s around the world. Use search option from your browser to find out your device nick names. Example T-mobile MDA, MDA Vario II Etc. Some websites sell pro tools to unlock some device. but here i shall try to fin and share free tools for unlocking this device. I shall try to update links of unlocking tools about this devices. Plz Note that Read that its you responsibility if something goes wrong while unlocking.

Blue Angel: The Blue Angel is sold as XDA III, MDA III, Qtek 9090, PDA2K and many other names. To get SIM Unlock For The Blue Angel check here Unlock Tool

Himalaya And Andes: The Himalaya phone is sold as XDA II, MDA II, Qtek 2020 and many other names. The Andes is the updated version that has a 1.3 megapixel camera, sold (among other names) as the XDA IIi. Unlock tools for this device check here All in one sim unlock tool
Magician: The Magician is sold as i-Mate JAM and MDA Compact, among other names.

Wizard: Also known as Qtek 9100 , I-mate K-JAM , MDA Vario , O2 XDA Mini S , SPV M3000 , Cingular 8125 , T-Mobile MDA , Dopod 838 , VPA compact II. To unlock and to flash a new ROM to your Wizard Check here Wizard Upgrading
Universal: the Universal will be sold as the qtek 4040, xda-IV, SPV M5000, mda-IV, imate 2005. If you want to bypass CID checking on this Device Check Here Universal RUU – CID Checking bypassed

Prophet : The Prophet is knows as I-mate JamIn, Qtek S200, XDA neo or dopod 818pdo. If you are searching for free unlocking tools for this device check here CID Unlock And Sim Unlock.

HTC Apache : The HTC Apache is a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, sold as the PPC-6700 by Sprint, and the XV6700 by Verizon Wireless and various other US carriers.

HTC Charmer : The HTC Charmer has been considered to be the newer version of the Magician. But Its is sold as T-Mobile MDA compact II in Germany and UK

Hermes : Also known as: HTC TyTN , XDA trion , MDA Vario II , VPA Compact III , SPV M3100 , Dopod CHT 9000 , Dopod 838 Pro

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Change Operator Names Windows Mobile

Its useless but If you want to change Your Operator name in your windows mobile based pocket pc you have to edit your ppc registry.I use phm regedit to edit my registry for my PPC. Open you registry editor in your ppc.

Then go to


Find and change your operator name as you like

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