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Enable / Disable User Account Control policy in Windows Vista

User Account Control (UAC) is a new security component inuser-account-control Windows Vista.User Account Control policy prompts at least a couple times an hour and this can slows down normal computer usage.You can disable User Account Control in different ways. Read rest of the tutorials to know how to enable or disable UAC in windows Vista:

From Control Panel:

  1. Click on Start Menu and start Control Panel
  2. Type in ‘UAC‘ into the search bar on top of the Control Panel
  3. It will show you search result of  Turn User Account Control
    (UAC) on or off
  4. Then Click the box beside the Use Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer option to remove the check mark.
  5. You will be prompted to reboot your computer. Do so when asked..

Note: To re-enable User Account Control just select the check box on step 4 and reboot.

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Enable/Disable Startup Programs

You can Enable/Disable By following this simple steps.

1. Click the Start button then Click Run.

2. Type msconfig in the blank, and then click OK. MSConfig allows the user to Enable or disable the applications that are launched at startup.

3.Then go to startup tab. From there, un-ticking the check box will disable the startup Items.

4. Click Apply and it will take effect after a reboot.

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Fix System Hang at Startup

Fix System Hang at Startup

If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can’t access
the Start button or the Task bar, it may be due to one specific service
(Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a patch
for this but it didn’t work for me. Here’s what you do:

1. Click on Start/Run, type ‘msconfig’, then click ‘OK’.
2. Go to the ‘Services’ tab, find the ‘Background Intelligent Transfer’ service,
disable it, apply the changes & reboot.

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